Wine Accessories & Fun

Lightening landfills one tiny glass diamond at a time...
Casper Glass is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of wine accessories & unique gifts made from rescued glass.
Contact us if you'd like us to find a retail store or website for you, or if you'd like to carry our products.

 Wine Glass Charms
     "It's okay to share intentionally..."
    When you don't want to share, mark your glass!
     Once, a window!  Rescued window glass becomes sea glass becomes an art canvas becomes the featured exhibit on a gallery of wine glasses.
 Wine Glass Charm Styles
     "So many choices... so few glasses..."

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Photo & Image Charms

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  Bottle Stoppers
  "Show your style..."
Also crafted from rescued window glass, Bottle Stoppers make a great gift by themselves, or they can be paired with Wine Glass Charms and Spiders.  Add a bottle of wine for an incredible gift package.
 Fancy Wine Bottle Dishes
   "The 2nd best empty bottle use..."
       The best use for an empty wine bottle is to refill it!
     Otherwise, these fancy, slumped bottles become repurposed, functional art.  
  Spoon Rests
   "The 2nd best empty bottle use..."
    Made from "airplane sized" smaller wine bottles, these slumped bottles are the perfect size for a spoon rest for the stove.   They do double-duty as appetizer dishes!

About Casper Glass & Recycling...

   Sea glass from the coast of Casper, Wyoming... Okay, we don't have an ocean, so we make our own sea glass from scrap glass which usually comes from the window repair shops (where you probably left your last broken window!)   Some recycling makes more sense than others, so we also tumbled the concept of "sea green" recycling. Everyone wants to be "green" so maybe there is a place for people to come together in the concept of "reconcilable recycling" where actions are balanced with their consequences.

   Sustainability only works in a balance with society and with humanity.

   Casper Glass is a manufacturer and WHOLESALE supplier of unique, hand-crafted gifts and décor with an emphasis on wine accessories. Be sure to check our GIFT information! Please contact us if you'd like to carry our products.