Wine Accessories

Casper Glass is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of wine accessories and unique gifts made from rescued window glass, scrap glass and emptied bottles.  (We DO wine a little ourselves, no "h" allowed...)
Wine Glass Charms
 "It's okay to share...   intentionally!"
     When you don't want to share, mark your glass!
     Casper Glass Charms are hand-crafted from window glass tumbled into sea glass and twisted wire.
     Choose from tiny photo sets, image sets, hand-painted sets and a variety of "bling" styles!

 Wine Glass Charm Styles...
Click here for more styles of Photo & Image Charms

Click here for more styles of Hand-Painted Charms

Click here for more styles of "Bling" For Fun Charms
Click here for more styles of "Bling" Around the World Charms


Fancy Wine Bottle Dishes

Bottle Stoppers
  "Show your style!"

Also hand-crafted from rescued window glass tumbled to sea glass, our Bottle Stoppers can be paired with Charms and Spiders.

Wine Glass Charm Spiders
  "Invite a Spider to perch on your wine bottle!"  
Our spiders have six legs to perfectly accommodate a set of Wine Glass Charms!
Display your Charms on a bottle of wine and let your guests select their own charm!

An incredible gift?  A bottle of wine with a Message Bottle gift tag, paired with a set of Charms, a Stopper and a Spider!

 Wine Bottle Trays 
   & Small Bottle Spoon Rests

 Message Bottles
  "Send a message ON a bottle!"

A gift...
  a gift tag...   re-giftable!
An ornament...   a statement!  Just for fun...   just for laughs!

Each Bottle has an addressable tag on the back.

Message Bottle Magnets


Same recycled window glass as the Message Bottles, now as a magnet!

Cut Bottle Vases & Candle Holders