STARS! & Ornament/Magnets

Our ALL-STAR Line-Up!  Now includes:
     Silly Stars,  Giant Stars,  Mini Stars,  Charmed Stars and
       Star of David Stars!

Giant Stars!
     Same great Silly Star, now roughtly 15" to 17" !!


Ornament/Magnet Diamonds - now one item!

     Thanks to the magic of small-but-mighty rare earth magnets, our Ornament and Magnet are now one item! Express individuality with photos, sayings, drawings...  Name Drop, Customize and/or use your images!
 Silly Stars
     "Dancing with the (Silly) Stars!"

     These stars are designed to delight!  Constructed from scrap art glass with traditional copper-foil stained glass techniques, no two stars are alike.

Charmed Stars
     Silly Stars! with Something Special!

Charmed Stars come in themed sets of 6 Stars:
     GIFT: 2 hummingbirds, 2 butterflies, 2 dragonflies
     WESTERN: 2 horse charms, boot, saddle, hat, horseshoe
     SOUTHWEST: cactus, kokopelli, lizard, feather, eagle, coyote 
     RELIGIOUS:  assortment of crosses, angels, & other
Looking for charm themes not included here?  Please contact us!

 Charmed Stars come packaged in a clear bag to show them off!

Mini Stars
Mini Stars are kiln-formed from crushed bottles because bottle-less balefils are better!  Our special hook PLUS a rare~earth magnet on the back makes for double duty!  About 3

ALL of our stars come with a special tag to help
                "exercise your happy!"

Star of David Stars

     Customize Ornaments & Magnets for your store or
             for your customers!