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Casper Glass is proud to be a Wyoming-based company and to promote the image representing both the State and the University of Wyoming!  All products featuring the Wyoming Bucking Horse & Rider(TM) are licensed and a portion of each sale is paid to the University of Wyoming!

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   Wyoming Bucking Horse & Rider(tm)
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    Wyoming Bucking Horse & Rider(tm)

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     Wyoming Bucking Horse & Rider(tm)

     This famous image was originally designed by Alan True of Colorado for the State of Wyoming.  The State grants the use of it to the University of Wyoming.  A portion of every sale of every product featuring the image goes to the University.

     It's common lore that the horse in the image is "Steamboat," the famous bucking horse.  Some say the rider is Guy Holt, one of the few cowboys to successfully ride Steamboat.
     If you'd like to know more about the image and its history, we recommend the book, "Steamboat" by Candi 

As a licensed product, a portion of every sale of Wyoming Bucking Horse & Rider(tm) products goes to the University of Wyoming.